Sam is rattled by Libby’s presence

Dan tries to make it up to Libby for missing the flight but Libby is furious. When she blames Sam for sabotaging their trip, Dan defends Sam and tells Libby jealousy doesn’t become her; she lashes out at Dan, giving him something he definitely deserves! Lucas confesses to Dan that he told Sam about them getting married.

Dan confronts Sam and tells her to butt out! He then tries to make it up to Libby by bringing the holiday they were meant to have home. When she admits she is jealous and is suspicious of Sam’s motives, Dan can’t bring himself to tell Libby that Sam knew about the wedding before she came to Erinsborough.

Sam is surprised when Libby joins her and Dan for her ultrasound. Struggling with the stress Libby’s presence is causing her, Sam gives Dan an impossible choice to make – she doesn’t want Libby to have anything to do with their baby!

Bridget finds herself seeking refuge in the same place that Harold has run away to. Dressed in a Santa suit and going under the alias of ‘Ted’, Bridget is shocked to find Harold leading a chorus of choir singers. Will they both return to Ramsay Street and face their problems together?

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