Sam is refused bail

The Dingles gather in court to hear Sam’s fate and are stunned to hear he’s been refused bail and will be remanded in custody until his next court date. Devastated, Rachel announces she’d do anything to save him. Seizing a chance to get rid of the woman she blames for the breakdown of her marriage to Jai, Charity corners her. Coming clean about framing Sam, Charity offers Rachel a way she can get Sam off the hook by urging her to confess to starting the Home Farm fire herself before doing a runner!

At the bereavement session, Brenda opens up about the pain of losing her daughter, Gennie. But she’s left feeling no better. Later, in David’s shop, she gets flustered as Jude tries to talk to her about Harriet’s grief group and rushes off. Realising she’s left without paying for a pair of tights, the grieving mum feels exhilarated.

Three’s a crowd over at Farrers Cottage where Alicia counsels Leyla to try to keep in with David if she wants to be given a chance to be in Jacob’s life.