Sam is riddled with guilt

Murdering Johnny and the constant lying are taking a toll on Sam’s conscience, and she starts having hallucinations that Johnny is back to get her. But Sam is more concerned when Jack receives a phone call revealing that Johnny was murdered.

Bartlett turns up to talk to Sally who is surprised to hear that he wants to offer Miles a teaching job. She agrees to talk to him about the proposal which he accepts. Meanwhile, Miles takes Morag out to dinner to ask for her help tracking down the boy from the tsunami so he can keep his promise of looking after him.

Belle is still getting over her split with Drew, finding it hard to accept his angry words towards her. Matilda is optimistic that Belle and Drew will sort their relationship out when their anger subsides. But Cassie reckons it’s time for Belle to move on.

On a date, Rachel tells Tony how she feels about Jazz living with him, and voices concern about her promiscuous nature. Later, Tony is cleaning Lucas’ room out for Jazz, when a letter falls from under Lucas’s bed and Tony unwittingly puts it inside a book to give to Rory for school.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 21*

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