Sam kisses her ex-boyfriend

This week Tom discovers fiancée Sam secretly went to visit an old army buddy with her ex-boyfriend Iain. Hurt by her deception, Tom calls off a scheduled visit to their wedding planner and Sam – in a moment of confusion – let’s Iain kiss her.

Could this be the start of an affair?

Elsewhere, emergency department nurse Fletch’s personal life is seriously interfering with his work duties this week. During a frantic shift at the hospital clinical lead Zoe leaves him stunned when she reveals she knows everything about his affair with colleague Tess! Realising he can’t continue to live a lie, Fletch makes a life-changing decision – he’s going to come clean to his heavily pregnant wife Nat.

Is the stressed nurse hoping to save his marriage or to end it?

Guest stars this week: EastEndersLinal Haft stars as Vincent, a stressed middle-aged man who discovers something unprecedented about his recently deceased mother from her lodger Sylvia (Susan Hampshire). Coronation Street’s Kate Anthony plays Vincent’s angry wife Joyce.