Ricky tells Whitney that he’ll always be there for her when she claims she didn’t want him to stop being her dad. Ricky visits Sam in prison and is outraged when she launches into an attack on Whitney, and he breaks up with her. Bianca is delighted and they almost kiss but they’re interrupted by a call for Ricky. It’s Jack: he has found out through his contacts that Bianca grassed up Sam, not Whitney.

Lucas and Denise are told that the body in the summerhouse is Trina’s and Lucas is interviewed about his dealings with his ex. DC Cunningham suggests to Lucas that Denise may have killed Trina to get her out of the way. Meanwhile, Denise comments to Jane that Trina’s death is a blessing in disguise. Cunningham arrives at the house and arrests Denise.

Lauren has broken up with Peter after his lie to Jay that they had sex and Max notices when Lauren is upset. Max warns Peter to stay away from his daughter and he’s angry when he sees Peter trying to apologise to Lauren. Max bursts in and tries to hit him but Jane drags him off.

Also, Syd tells Bradley that Stacey is not his problem; Syed is jealous when Christian’s newly single mate James comes to stay.

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