Sam leaves Dan devastated

Samantha leaves Dan devastated when she confesses the truth that she was never pregnant, and he storms off when she blames Libby for her predicament. Later, Sam confesses to Toadie that she is scared of losing Dan. She then takes it upon herself to confront Libby, barging into her classroom while she is teaching.

But Libby can’t deny her feelings for Dan in the face of Sam’s accusations. Dan manages to drag Sam away from Libby, but he can’t reassure Sam of his love for her in the way she wants.

The Parker family are thrilled to hear that Steve’s appeal has been successful and his manslaughter charge has been quashed. But while Bridget worries about facing her dad after she went against his wishes in court, the family are unaware that Steve is harbouring a painful secret.

Susan’s interest in an MS drug trial stirs debate in the Kennedy household. Although Karl is sceptical of the idea, Susan attends a drug information session anyway. And she is thrilled when Karl turns up unexpectedly.