Sam lies about her pregnancy

Determined to have a baby, Sam buys her first pregnancy test kit. When Libby finds a tearful Sam with an empty test kit box, she assumes Sam is crying tears of happiness. On the spur of the moment, Sam makes the risky decision to play along and lies that she is, indeed, pregnant. Later, she is also forced to fib to Rebecca about her condition.

With the weight of disapproval from the community on his shoulders, Steve resigns as the Dingoes footy coach, with Lou agreeing to take over temporarily. Meanwhile, Bridget tells a suspicious Declan that she dropped the incriminating pendant necklace at the crime scene that morning.

Steph asks for Susan’s advice about Lyn’s fragile emotional state. Susan admits she’s been avoiding Lyn in order not to burden her with her MS symptoms and vows to be there for her old friend in future.

Carmella is talked into a night on the town with Sienna, Steph and Libby and tastes freedom for the first time in ages.

Also, Steve agrees to go for a drink with Karl despite his admission that he told the cops about his altercation with Chris.

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