Sam lies to Johnny

Johnny and Sam arrive in the hospital car park, and Sam goes to check out the Sally situation, only to spot Miles watching over a sleeping Sally. Sam returns to tell Johnny that Sally has left the hospital and was taken to the city by Pippa. Luckily, Johnny believes her lie.

Tony feels uncomfortable as Jazz tries to seduce him. Despite him making it clear that he is in a relationship with Rachel, Jazz is insistent. Later that night, Jazz wakes up and is pouring herself a drink when she hears voices coming from the annexe and sees Sam, closely followed by a male figure.

The next day, Jazz tells Sam she knows she’s having an affair, but promises she won’t tell Jack. Meanwhile, after receiving reassurance from Tony that he is not pursuing Jazz, Rachel tells Jazz to stay away from her man. But Jazz takes this as a challenge and tells Rachel, may the best woman win!

When Rory tells Sam that Sally won’t be leaving the hospital to go to Dan’s memorial, Johnny overhears and threatens her, demanding that Sally be brought to him today. Things turn worse for Sam when Jazz informs her that she’ll keep her affair a secret providing Sam helps her sideline Rachel.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 8*

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