Sam makes a grim discovery about Rachel

With Ruby due home tomorrow, Sam and Rachel make the most of their time alone together. But a picnic with the children soon turns sour when Archie has an accident and goes into hospital. Though the doctor reassures Rachel her son is fine, Sam is soon sickened to his stomach. When it comes to light that this is Archie’s first trip to A&E, Sam realises Rachel lied about him swallowing one of Belle’s pills. Hurt that Rachel would stoop so low, it’s game over for her and Sam.

Having noticed how concerned Debbie was for Ross during the bare-knuckle fight, Pete’s consumed with jealousy. Though Debbie does her best to assure her fiancé he’s all he wants, Pete is not convinced and seeks out Cain’s opinion on the matter.

Vanessa’s suffering with morning sickness and Paddy soon puts two and two together. Knowing the news could easily spread further, Vanessa and Kirin know they have to tell Rakesh, who’s already made it clear he’s not keen on them being an item. (Gulp)