Sam extends an olive branch to Libby in the hope that they can get past the awkwardness of their respective relationships with Dan. Libby begins to question if they can really be friends but the women bond when Sam opens up about her past miscarriage.

Trapped in the mineshaft, Steph blames herself for the accident which has left her with a painful shoulder injury. She admits her habit of not listening also caused her to lose Toadie and she confirms Dan’s suspicion that she went into the SES work as a way of blocking her grief. Dan confides he tried to get over his failed marriage by frenzied activity but it didn’t work. He warns Steph not to follow the same path.

Having not heard anything from Dan and Steph, a worried Steve tries to contact them and learns they’ve been trapped in a mineshaft. He and Ned set out to try to rescue them him. Steve is overcome with claustrophobia as they prepare to tunnel through from another mineshaft but he overcomes his fear when he sees Ned is in danger.

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