Sam Mitchell is back in Albert Square!

Sam returns to the Square for Peggy's funeral.

Ronnie finds out that Roxy is planning to leave, begging her not to run away from Amy. Realising Ronnie is right, Roxy agrees to stay. When Sharon reaches out to Roxy, the pair have a heart-to-heart, reminiscing about Peggy. After Sharon confides in Roxy that Grant kissed her, Sam arrives in the Square – without Grant.

After Sam reveals that Grant isn’t coming to the funeral, Roxy finds out that Sam knows about Grant’s kiss with Sharon. Phil arrives, but a warm welcome from Sharon Is spoiled when Phil finds Sharon’s had all the old photos out, including pictures of his dad, Eric. Confronted by Sam, Sharon insists that Grant only kissed her on the cheek but she realises she’s been set up by Sam.

Pam calls an ambulance to get Les to hospital and Les is spotted by Billy in his dress and make up as the paramedics get him into the ambulance. As Les recovers, Pam insists that no one saw him, although a weary Les claims he doesn’t care. When Pam receives a spiteful text from Babe, she admits to Les that someone did see him.

Also, Jack panics to see Sam with their son Richard.