Dexter is having doubts about the operation and is in a dilemma when Abi encourages him to tell Sam how scared he is. After lugging crates outside the Vic, Sam pushes himself too far and is left struggling for breath. Dexter returns home to find Ava has called an ambulance for Sam. At the hospital they learn that the transplant op has been moved forward to tomorrow.

Janine is exhausted looking after a crying Scarlett. When Alice suggests Michael help her out, Janine snaps at her. Learning that Scarlett hasn’t been well, Michael is worried. Meanwhile, Janine takes Scarlett to the park and nods off, waking just as Scarlett toddles towards the pond. Michael is on hand to scoop Scarlett up to safety. After taking Scarlett home, Michael tells Janine she’s played right into his hands, as he’s sure to get custody now.

Lauren discovers Joey thinks she’s dating Peter. Relieved he’s off the scent, she doesn’t set him straight about who she is really seeing. Meeting up with Jake for coffee, Lauren is happy that things are going well between them. 

Also, Alfie has left Fatboy in charge of the Vic while he’s away.