Sam offers Tony a way out

Diane’s devastation fuels Tony’s guilt, but it still isn’t enough for him to come clean to her as he tells Sinead the drugs belong to him. Later, Trevor sends Tony details of a drugs exchange in the village. It seems to go without a hitch, but Tony’s unaware that he’s been caught on camera by an undercover policeman. Later, Sam pays him a visit and offers him a way out – become a police informant. She gets the result she wants when Tony agrees.

Cindy’s paranoia is in over-drive as she worries that Browning’s body will soon be discovered. Even Lindsey’s offer of being her bridesmaid doesn’t soothe her nerves. Later, Dirk can tell Cindy’s hiding something and she’s forced to tell him she’s pregnant. Her guilt is overwhelming when he assumes the baby’s his.

Sienna’s left with a difficult decision to make, but will she show any signs of compassion and ultimately make the right choice?

And Lindsey asks Freddie to give her away when her parents can’t make the wedding.