Sam probes rape number two

DI Samantha Nixon is frustrated that the trial of rape and murder suspect Tom Norris fell apart on a technicality the previous day. Since then, Tom has eluded surveillance and another woman, Carol Peters, has been raped. Sam is certain that Tom is the man responsible, but DC Jacob Banks is unconvinced.

As Carol tells Sam she didn’t see her attacker, Tom’s flatmate Dan Cox, is quizzed and admits to driving Tom to a train station and dumping the car. When the car is recovered, crime scene examiner Eddie tells Sam and DC Jo Masters that a blood-stained jumper has been found that Carol confirms her attacker was wearing.

Later, Banksy learns that Tom and Dan once worked together and when Tom quit following a sexual harassment charge, Dan claimed the woman was lying. The team consider that the pair are working together to prey on young women, and Dan is put under surveillance, in the hope that he will lead them to Tom.

Later, as Banksy and Sam wait outside the bar where Dan works as a stripper, Jo calls with surprising evidence and the officers realise that Dan is about to run. Dan is caught and questioned – but the case takes a sinister turn when Dan’s car is found with a badly beaten Tom in the boot…