Sam pulls a gun on Ronnie!

Finding himself at the end of the barrel of a loaded shotgun, which is being pointed at him by Sam Dingle, Ronnie is terrified. But it doesn’t take the plumber long to work out Sam has been bullied into drawing the gun on Ronnie by Lawrence. After convincing Sam to put it down, Ronnie heads over to confront Lawrence. How will Lawrence react?

Holly realises Charity was behind the petty cash tin theft from Victoria’s van and wants payback. Finding Charity having her hair done at Bernice’s salon, she sneaks in and manages to dye Charity’s hair blue! Cain’s impressed when smitten Holly later shows him a photo of her handiwork on his ex’s hair. When Cain then defends Holly from furious Charity, the drug addict leans in to kiss her stepdad!

When Nicola cottons on to the fact that Jimmy is using his supervision of dementia sufferer Ashley to get out of the housework, he’s in trouble. But there’s going to be even more trouble headed his way when Jimmy ropes Dan into his subterfuge!