Dan chooses to leave Erinsborough with Samantha and begins the tough task of bidding farewell to his friends in Ramsay Street. But he struggles to bring himself to say goodbye to Libby. In his final moments on the street, Dan and Libby momentarily expose their true feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Sam begins to fear that Dan will always carry a torch for Libby, and questions if she can continue the relationship.

Still smarting from Elle’s betrayal and harsh words about him to Rebecca, Paul launches into his plan to win his empire back along with his daughter’s loyalty. Elle is uninterested in her dad’s manipulative ways, but Paul is determined to win back her trust.

Lou is curious to discover that Harold has returned to Ramsay Street because he met a woman and did something he is very ashamed of. Lou has fun teasing Harold with some outlandish imaginary scenarios, but Harold keeps his cards close to his chest. But when Harold starts to integrate himself firmly back into Ramsay Street life, Lou realises his friend’s situation is far more serious than he’s led him to believe.

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