Heather is heartbroken when Minty tells her that he’s proposed to Sam, but she hides her hurt. Minty visits Sam in hospital and crosses paths with Ricky, who is just leaving. Sam tells Minty that she’s sure Ricky is still in love with her and laughs off accepting Minty’s proposal the night before. Back in Walford, Heather comforts a devastated Minty. Heather says marrying him was the best thing she ever did and when Minty moves in for a kiss she responds.

Vanessa tells Max she wants to know everything about him. Vanessa makes Max pretend it’s the first time they’ve met. Max is defensive when Vanessa asks him about Bradley. Max warns Vanessa that he’ll break her heart, but she insists she likes a challenge. Later, Max is upset when Dot gives him Bradley’s urn, as it’s the week of Bradley’s birthday.

Ian expectantly waits for the twins’ exam results. Peter is resentful that he worked hard for his exams while Lucy cheated. Peter does well and Ian is proud, but he lavishes Lucy with praise for her top marks. Peter is horrified when the headmaster calls round to say that inconsistencies have been noticed in Lucy’s exam papers, but Peter is also under investigation!

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