Phil is angry with Ricky for bringing Sam back from Brazil as she’s still wanted for skipping bail over Den Watt’s murder. Phil finds little sister Sam in the Queen Vic bar drinking cocktails and dancing on a table and makes her tell everyone she’s returning to Brazil – but later sneaks her back into the Vic flat. Phil’s not the only one unhappy to see Sam back. Bianca is just about to tell Ricky that she’s in love with him when he reveals that Sam is still in the Square – and he’s fallen for her all over again.

Lucas has a close shave when Jordan nearly catches him holding Trina’s bracelet. Lucas is nervous when the police turn up but they want him to let them into the community centre after a break in. Later, Lucas helps the Masoods fix their electrics and is thoughtful when Masood talks about God and Lucas says he believes God lets us make our own mistakes.

Libby is miffed that Tamwar hasn’t been over to see her. Zainab cryptically says that Tamwar hasn’t been in touch because Ramadan is a time for reflection. Libby heads over to see Tamwar and tell him some information on the Oxford Uni Freshers’ fair and she’s angry when he’s unresponsive.

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