Sam’s cancer struggle continues

Sambuca has been unable to face her shock diagnosis head on up until now, but now it’s all out in the open, it seems more real. And there’s worse news to come. Her mum, Rose, along with Tom, has made further investigations, and it seems there’s no cure. How will the pair break the news to Sam?

Meanwhile, Amy discovers she has a stalker, and feels like a celebrity for a while, but the novelty soon wears off as things get personal and she decides to take her own revenge. Eleanor Chaudry soon gets involved, and her handling of the situation gives Karen grounds for concern – not to mention a furious parent in her office.

The sixth formers’ latest English project is particularly hands-on, involving them turning the cameras on themselves – with mixed results. Finn and Josh get into trouble over their action-packed film-making, but romantic Ronan uses the opportunity to show Vicki how he feels about her.

Elsewhere, Janeece decides Mr Chalk needs a makeover, and Karen begins to realise that new caretaker Rob has ambitions beyond his current role.

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