Sam’s dragged into the custody battle

It’s time for Rachel and Jai’s court hearing and Sam is in a spin about stressed-out Rachel’s mood. But when Tracy gives him a comforting hug, Jai clocks it and later, at court, tells Rachel how Sam was ‘all over’ Tracy in the cafe!
After the hearing, Jai thanks Megan for supporting him. As they kiss, Leyla is watching on. She’s jealous but as soon as Jai’s wife is gone Jai tells lover Leyla his plan… Later, Leyla adds her two-penneth into the equation and sees to it that a ‘Teddy-cam’ is set up to monitor Rachel’s behaviour with Archie.

Debbie tells Cain Charity has informed the father of his son’s illness but the mysterious man has no intention of stepping up and making his presence known. Of course, she has no idea it’s her very own lover, Ross! At the hospital, the stress continues for deluded Debbie, who learns her mum hasn’t been back to the ward to visit Moses.

Kerry takes small steps to win the war with Joanie, who is softening. While Robert bites back when Cain plays mind games with him.