Sam sabotages Libby And Dan’s honeymoon

Libby and Dan decide to go on their honeymoon even though they have postponed the wedding. When Sam asks Dan to come along to her ultrasound he tells her he’s going away, so Sam comes up with a plan to sabotage their trip so he doesn’t go at all. She asks Dan to help her pick up some baby goods and he agrees, as there’s plenty of time until his plane leaves.

When his back is turned, Sam turns Dan’s phone off so that Libby cannot contact him to remind him of the time. Carried away with setting up the baby’s cot, Dan doesn’t realise he’s late until they’ve already missed their flight. Furious, Libby accuses Sam of using the baby to manipulate Dan into doing exactly what she wants.

Bridget runs away from home and travels to her favourite childhood place. On the way she bumps into a group of backpackers, who ask her if she wants to come along for the ride. Tempted by their carefree lifestyle, she accepts. But things turn sour when the backpackers steal her wallet and bag, and leave her stranded and alone.

Lou is worried for Harold, and can’t accept Susan’s suggestion that perhaps Harold needs some time alone.

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