Sam shocks Maisie with his confession

Who killed Mark Wylde aka Daniel Lamb aka Daddy? Ryan faces trial for his murder and most people are prepared to believe he did it. But not everyone. Declan asks Maisie who she really thinks did it and she gets upset and takes off. Sam comforts her with a cup of tea then shocks her by admitting he found Mark’s wallet in the woods. What?! Knowing it’s too late to put the cat back in the bag, Sam scurries off to confess what he’s done to Cain. There’s only one thing for it now: Cain goes to Home Farm to talk to Maisie.

Marlon’s another Dingle who wants to talk… to ask Rhona to move in with him (has he seen the mess she lives in???) He’s got this big speech prepared and tells Moira all about his plans, but Rhona overhears him and is put on the spot. Oh, Marlon, you big doofus!

And Chas, wake up and smell the deceit all over Carl! She unwittingly pushes him together with Eve by asking them to help her organise a surprise birthday party for Katie. She might be the one getting the surprise – and not a nice one.

*Second episode*

Cain takes the plunge and tells Maisie everything… that he took Mark’s wallet from Sam and used it to send the flowers and get the suit out of the cleaners and that he blackmailed Nathan and Natasha, who paid him to keep quiet. Now we’re getting somewhere, except Cain won’t go to the police and drop himself in it. He has no desire to share a cell with Ryan. He does want to see him free, though, and suggests to Maisie that she can help Ryan. Not sure what to do, Maisie turns to Declan, telling him Nathan killed their father and Natasha is helping him get away with murder. Ooooh, Declan didn’t see that coming…

Well, dirty flirty Eve’s days of being a girl who can say ‘no’ have been predictably short. She has insisted that her affair with Carl is over, but he won’t leave her alone. So, flattered by Carl’s persistence, she ends Katie’s birthday barbecue in his arms.

Rhona finds she’s a girl who can’t say no when she’s put on the spot by Marlon’s invitation for her to move in with him. Marlon may be blinded by love but even Lizzie could see that Rhona isn’t jumping with joy over this unexpected development in her relationship…

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