Continuing to keep the fact that he’s still married from Sam, Jack secretly picks up Martha to take her to the solicitor to finalise their divorce. When he arrives, she’s so hungover, she wants to postpone the meeting, but he’s adamant. Meanwhile, Sam heads into Yabbie Creek to pick up their wedding rings, and spots Jack and Martha together.

Sam is suspicious as Jack had told her he was working. Martha tells Jack that the solicitor says they need compulsory marriage counselling for their divorce to be completed because they’ve been married less than two years. Jack is furious at the delay and decides he’ll have to come clean to Sam.

Predictably, Sam is upset to learn Jack lied to her, despite his explanations. Later, Sam’s so preoccupied that she doesn’t wait for a security escort to her car when she finishes work, and is unsettled when she suspects she’s being followed.

Elsewhere, Lucas is pleased when the publisher offers him an advance for his book and suggests a celebratory day out on the Blaxland, inviting Geoff, Drew and Belle to join them. Jazz turns up too and she and Tony put their break-up behind them.

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