So, is little Samson Dingle going to be a bit of a bully, like his Uncle Cain? There’s a certain mouthy mother called Rachel who says Samson has been pushing her niece Amelia around at school. And she’s going to mouth off to the head teacher. Tattle-tale! The thing is, Samson says he did push Amelia, but only because she’s been bullying him for months, saying he’s stupid. And we all know Samson’s dyslexic, not stupid. So Sam’s going to have to stand up for his little boy – and that means taking on Rachel.

Amy has to take on Val, who’s not happy about the party Amy had behind her back. But she may not have to worry about Val or Pollard if she doesn’t deal with Jared. He’s threatening to tell all about Amy’s past unless she does what he wants. He slopes off when Zak appears and Amy reveals that she’s done very bad things – things she wouldn’t want Val and Pollard to know about.

Katie’s got a bit of a past, including Grayson Sinclair (gay nutter), Nathan Wylde (straight nutter) and Nick Henshall (psycho cop). Now she’s aiming her sexy pouts at Declan (straight, sane but with excess baggage), but he’s not the only one who has noticed…