Sam struggles to be a mum

Sam lets Jack hold his son. Sam suggests they could be a family, but he says he loves Ronnie. Sam panics after finding something ‘unusual’ when she’s changing Richard and forces Charlie to drive her to the hospital. Charlie is amused when Sam says the baby’s poo is green and tells her that it’s normal for babies. Charlie takes Sam home. Sam goes to Ronnie and Jack’s and tells them she wants them to take the baby.

He’s not so amused when he’s pulled over by the police and breathalysed…

Minty catches Heather trying on her wedding dress and is worried about her intentions. Minty is relieved when Heather and Dot reveal they are using the dress to make George’s christening gown. Heather tells Minty that either he commits to being with her and George, or she wants him out. Minty insists he loves her and is there to stay.

Shirley persuades Ricky to let Phil return to the Arches in a week’s time. Shirley then confronts Roxy and tells her that a lot of Phil’s problems are her fault and she needs to help him out. Shirley gets the accounts book from the Arches and shows Pat that Ricky is making a mess of the books. Shirley suggests that Pat sell the Arches back to Phil and Pat agrees.

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