Sam struggles to cope on his own

Sam is delighted after moving into Dale View and he organises a housewarming. Emily discovers that Sam has spent well over his budget on the gathering and she sneaks some money into his savings tin. The party kicks off, but a window gets smashed and poor Sam is out of his depth. Sam asks Lisa if he can come back home, but Lisa realises it’s time to let go and she refuses.

Marlon is fed up with the problems between him and

Donna in the bedroom and he unintentionally shares his frustrations with the Woolpack regulars! Marlon tries to talk Donna into having an early night but she’s distracted by an upset Ross. Marlon’s night gets even worse when Donna realises he’s discussed their lack of sex with all and sundry and she banishes him to the spare room!

Jasmine is hopeful of making journalism a full-time career when her article about the Sugden fire makes it into the Courier and she dreams of giving Nicola her notice. Meanwhile, Nicola delays David from going to Sam’s party to meet Jasmine. A furious Jasmine warns David not to let Nicola drag him into her games.

Also, Lily asks Doug to come round to fix her kettle and Edna is appalled!