Sam has grown fond of Olena and isn’t happy when Lisa suggests the young woman moves on. He wants her in Emmerdale and is determined to find her a job. But where?

Aaron’s still struggling with his emotions and wants to pretend the night before didn’t happen. But Adam’s angry and turns tell-tale, letting Paddy know Aaron crashed the car. Aaron, meanwhile, hears that Lizzie has told the police she was mugged and, feeling guilty, he fishes her bag out of the water. Paddy is proud of the lad and Lizzie is grateful. It’s heartwarming stuff… Then Adam turns up, wanting to talk about last night. Imagine his surprise when Aaron says nothing happened! Where do they go from here – to the Land of Make Believe?

Sally’s also living in her own little world, sure that she can win Ashley. He continues to resist her, though, when she turns up at the village hall with some goods to donate. She tells Ashley she wants to help him but he tells her she needs to let him get on with sorting out his own life. Uh-oh… Sally doesn’t like hearing that kind of talk. Will Ashley regret rejecting her help?