After Reshna Dewan’s body is found in the Thames, DI Sam Nixon and DCI Jack Meadows want to find out who’s reponsible for her death. The plot thickens when sergeant Nikki Wright listens to a voicemail message on Reshna’s mobile – it’s from a man, not her husband, who’s saying they should be together.

Later, Reshna’s friend Sara arrives at the front desk, after being called in by Sam. When she’s questioned, Sara admits to Sam that Reshna was sleeping with a fellow student from college, Marcus Kosgei, and reveals that when Reshna decided to end the relationship, Marcus wouldn’t stop hounding her.

Marcus is hauled in for questioning but is so distraught over Reshna’s death that he’s less than co-operative. While Marcus’s house is being searched, the officers quiz Reshna’s husband, Naz, again, who admits that he knew about Reshna’s affair but insists that his family knew nothing. However, it soon becomes clear that isn’t the case…

Also, Pc Diane Noble and DC Mickey Webb question the victim of an alleged mugging and discover there’s more to her than meets the eye.