Although Dan fortunately finds Ben and Charlie trapped down the drain, he is unable to help them due to the injuries he sustained in the mine collapse. Luckily Samantha steps in to free the boys. Libby later takes Ben to Number 30, where he presents the hero’s medal he made to Sam. Seeing them with each other, Libby suspects the day’s events have brought Dan and Samantha closer together.

Dan and Sam work through the pain and loss of their baby son’s death together, by celebrating his memory in a special place. Sam thanks Dan for helping to heal her pain. Feeling stronger, Sam tells a shocked Dan that she is leaving Erinsborough. Dan surprises himself when he realises how much he will miss Sam and she is left with a difficult decision to make when Dan asks her to stay.

Rachel and Susan are forced to confront forgotten issues between them when Rachel is asked to write a victim impact statement. Refusing to see herself as a victim, Rachel is determined to say goodbye to Angus at his sentencing hearing. Susan is torn between wanting to protect Rachel and knowing she must support Rachel’s choices. Rachel is grateful when Susan promises to accompany her to the hearing.