Sami drops a bombshell on the Maalik family who are left reeling

Sami drops some bombshell news about James on the Maalik family

The Maalik family members are shell-shocked when Sami reveals that it was scheming lawyer James who set up their father and prompted his suicide!

As the family struggles to take in the truth, they’re appalled that Sami has kept this secret for so long and Farrah’s in for another shock when she realises Kim has known the truth all along.

Misbah tries to build bridges with Imran but he’s furious that she never believed his dad. Is the young lad about to do something he’ll bitterly regret?

Meanwhile, with the truth now out, a guilty James hooks up with Kyle to try and make himself feel better.

Elsewhere Adam is on a mission to win back Maxine but Sienna is trying to pair her up with Joel.

Will Sienna’s match-making plans work out and who would Maxine rather be with: Joel or Adam?