Libby is completely thrown by Sam’s arrival just before the big day and as Sam confirms she is pregnant and that the baby is Dan’s, Libby’s dream wedding looks set to turn into a nightmare. An upset Libby desperately tries to rise above it all and invites Sam to their pre-wedding lunch as a gesture of good will. But when Sam feels the baby kicking, Dan and Sam share an intimate moment while Libby looks on in horror. Can she live in this triangle?

Toadie and Callum challenge Lou to a Christmas decoration competition to see who can come up with the best Christmas decorations and who will make their house look the best. But when Toadie’s over-decorated house blows a fuse, Kelly saves the day when she comes up with a plan to steal electricity from an unsuspecting Karl.

Karl is shocked when he realises that Harold still hasn’t told anyone that he has cancer. But an adamant Harold refuses to be forced into making any decisions and sticks to his decision not to tell anyone.

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