Sam’s baby is on the way!

Ricky feels guilty when Minty insists that he tell Bianca about Sam’s baby, as he can’t walk away from his own child. Ricky tries to talk to Bianca, but can’t get a word in edgeways. Ricky visits Sam in hospital again and asks her whether she’s sure it’s his baby and not Jack’s. Peggy arrives and upsets Sam, who goes into labour!

Jane tells Ian she doesn’t want to adopt anymore and suggests that they blow the adoption money they’ve been saving on a nice holiday. Jane sneakily says she’ll book the holiday if Ian gives her his credit card. Jane and Denise make up, but Denise tells Jane that it’s wrong to steal from Ian. Ian arranges a picnic for Jane and Bobby and he tells Jane that he wants her to adopt Bobby…

Peggy answers the phone in the Vic and is disappointed when it isn’t Phil. Dot sees Peggy and mentions Phil’s drug taking to her. Peggy assumes that Pat has spilled the beans to Dot and is angry. Peggy confronts Pat, but Pat insists that she’s trying to protect her.

Also, Becca continues to manipulate Stacey and Jean; Carol has a date with Lewis.

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