Sam’s convinced Zak is the poacher

Sam is convinced that Zak is the Home Farm poacher and he tells Nathan and Natasha his suspicions then quits his job at Home Farm. Mick feels even guiltier that Zak is being blamed for his own crimes on top of Lee getting injured searching for the poacher. Zak gives Nathan an alibi that checks out and vows to get to the bottom of who has been thieving from the Home Farm estate.

Mark studies the CCTV footage from the previous day in an attempt to find the poacher, as he suspects that Faye may have something to do with it. Mark gets a fright when he sees Faye breaking into Home Farm. Mark calls Faye’s mobile and leaves a threatening message warning her to stay away from him and his family or she’ll regret it.

Lee is brought home from hospital and Katie is pleased to see that he’s on the mend. Nathan confronts Katie and accuses her of using him while Lee was away from the village. Katie slaps Nathan when he suggests that she wants to take things further with him but Nathan seems undeterred in his bid to win Katie from Lee.

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