Sam’s lies continue

Sam tries to appear shocked after the news gets out that Johnny was murdered. Unaware that Sam switched the injection she administered to Johnny, Nurse Julie is questioned by police. After discovering that Sam was at the hospital when Johnny died, Jack takes her statement.

At first, Sam claims she doesn’t remember anything but then concocts a lie about a man wandering round the hospital at the time of the incident. In a bid to get Sam to remember more details about the man, Rachel suggests hypnotherapy, and Sam has no choice but to agree. But she ends up tangling herself further into a web of lies, leaving Rachel suspicious.

Grateful for a fresh start, Miles accepts Bartlett’s offer of a teaching job, although worries about committing himself with disrespectful students like Aden around.

Annie is bemused by Geoff’s growing interest in girls, worried about Britney in particular. Disappointed by her brothers’ taste in women, she begins to suggest other more suitable girls for him.

Also, Martha and Roman’s relationship begins to heat up but she is careful to try and take things slowly.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 22*

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