Sam’s questioned by the police

Up at the hospital, Megan’s at death’s door. Meanwhile, back at Home Farm, the fire crews are searching for clues. As they start questioning the locals, Sam takes his turn. Desperately worried he caused the fire, which may prove fatal, he’s a bag of nerves. Later, Rachel tries her best to tell her unconvinced fiancee he wasn’t at fault.

Declan is wracked with guilt as he, Robbie and Charity wait for news on Megan. Savvy Robbie senses he’s hiding something and probes his uncle, who would have spilled the beans about his arson attempt were it not for Charity’s interference. Exiting the hospital, Charity goes to Home Farm where she deletes all CCTV footage of her and Declan. As she’s working her way through the tapes, she clocks Sam sneaking in with the stolen presents and is given an idea…

At Butler’s, Moira’s in demand. James seems to have a thing for her and it’s not gone unnoticed by jealous Cain. Wanting to get Moira away from the competition, the mechanic announces he’s taking her away on New Year’s Eve!