Sam’s terrified he’ll lose Samson

Sam faces more trouble when a worried Terry reports him to social services. Sam is horrified when social worker Liz turns up and admits that she is worried about Samson following Sam’s arrest. Lisa finds out that Liz is at Sam’s and she bursts in. A panicky Sam throws a plate of beans at the two women and Liz warns Sam that Samson could end up in care.

Edna finds a note from Lily saying that she’s packed up and gone. Pearl tells Edna that she took a sobbing Lily to the airport that morning and tries to find out what is going on. The older villagers gather at the pub after receiving a letter from Lily asking them to turn up. Pearl reads out a letter for Lily apologising for her swift departure and leaving a bottle of champagne. Edna tries to cover her dejection.

Donna is irritated when Shane points out that she may have to choose between her family and police work. Donna insists that although she’s now a Dingle by name, she isn’t a Dingle by nature. Donna moans to Marlon about Shane’s constant digs and she reminds the villagers that she is a serious police officer, not a pushover.