Sam hasn’t slept all night as he keeps watch over his son’s hospital bedside. Emily is shocked to hear the news of Samson’s illness and rushes to the hospital to be with them both. Fearing Samson has meningitis and could die, Sam threatens to kill himself if that happens. The doctors finally reveal Samson has viral meningitis and assure Sam, after a few days observation, that they are confident he’ll make a full recovery.

However, the Dingles are also extremely worried about Belle who has also been admitted with suspected meningitis. Further investigations reveal Belle is actually suffering from a bad dose of flu!

When Lisa sees a worried Rosemary at the hospital enquiring about Belle, she realises Rosemary is genuinely fond of her little girl and accepts the offer of financial help.

Jack feels sidelined when he tries to make plans with Daz, only to find out Daz is going out with Billy. He questions if they should continue with the adoption now his real dad is back, but is pleasantly surprised when Daz insists he still wants Jack to be his father.