Sandy is offered the chance of a new start… in Australia!

Sandy is offered plane tickets to Australia will the pensioner leave his loved ones in Emmerdale behind?

Sandy’s having a blast hanging out with Maisie and realises how nice it is to spend time with someone his own age. He’s gutted when she tells him that she’s got to fly back to Australia. When Maisie offers him a ticket to fly to Oz, too, will the pensioner go for it?

Liv has got herself in a right old tangle with Gabby and Jacob. Will the friends fall out over a lad?

Having had ‘a moment’ with Robert, which saw the exes almost kiss, Aaron’s in a spin. During a conversation with his father-figure Paddy, Aaron offloads and is advised to follow his heart. But who does Aaron want? Is he truly happy with dependable doc Alex or is Robert, who has hurt him time and time again, the man for him?

Elsewhere, Tracy worries about a bunch of flowers she received as they’re not from David. Has handyman Phil been on the phone to Interflora?

First episode of the evening.