Having discovered that the supposedly dead Lawrence is very much alive, Sandy convinces Aaron and Paddy to join him as he goes to confront Lawrence. Although he confirms that he’s the man they are looking for, Lawrence refuses to meet up with Edna and sends them on their way. Later, Sandy tells Edna he is still alive – but will it be music to her ears or will the past come back to haunt her?

Nicola fumes about the circumstances that led to Juliette becoming pregnant with Jimmy’s child, while he’s upset to learn that the mum-to-be is planning to call the baby Carl, which is the same name as his late brother. How will he feel when Juliette wants Jimmy to sign a document which means he will never see his son?

Meanwhile, Nicola’s shocked to see how upset Jimmy is by the prospect of never seeing baby Carl…

Sam tries to hide his panic when Zak and Lisa reveal that they have had the bailiffs round, while it looks like Leyla is about to give the game away when she’s spotted snapping at her secret lover, Jai.