Ashley has hit, bullied and tormented Sandy and the old man has suffered in silence. But when Ashley turns on Laurel, Sandy turns on his son. Sandy’s anger starts to bubble to the surface when Laurel blames herself for what Ashley has done. Sandy won’t have that – and he won’t let Ashley make anyone else suffer any more. So when Ashley – desperate for forgiveness – points out to Laurel that he forgave her for her near-affair with Marlon, Sandy sees red. He rages at Ashley then tells him to leave. Shocked, Ashley retreats to the church. Laurel’s shocked, too, and worried. Too much has been said and done by father and son for them to go back to the good old days and she doesn’t know how to go forward.

Megan doesn’t know that Declan plans for her to go forward with her son, Robbie – when he finds him. She does know that Katie now knows about her son and she’s not happy.

Sean’s not happy that his classmates know his mum can’t read. They take the mick – and take his trainers, the ones he’s only had a couple of weeks.

*Second episode*

Edna has told Ashley that he shouldn’t make everyone lie to hide his shameful behaviour. But can he redeem himself by telling the truth? Ashley thinks it’s worth a try and heads to The Woolpack, where he tells everyone there that he hit Sandy. Nicola races to the vicarage to tell Laurel what has happened and gets there just before Ashley. He’s hoping for forgiveness, but Laurel tells him to leave. Again, Ashley retreats to the church, but his prayers are not going to be answered. Laurel finds him and tells him they’re finished.

Brenda retreats to Gennie’s place rolling drunk after Amy makes her feel silly over Pollard. Poor Brenda! Earlier, she got Gennie to do her hair and make-up and turned up at the B&B thinking she was on a promise, only for Amy to suggest that Pollard is playing her for a fool. Now she’s crying on Gennie’s shoulder – when Gennie wanted a night with Nikhil!

Nikhil had retreated to Gennie’s place because his dad, Rishi and sister, Priya are hiding out at Jai’s house from Jai’s mother, Georgia. Lock your door, Jai – she won’t be far behind!