The devastating news about Edna’s death finally reaches Sandy when Ashley and Laurel arrive home with her dog, Tootsie. The OAP is furious with his son who’s kept Edna’s illness secret from him and blames Ashley for ruining his chance to be able to say goodbye to his dearest friend.

At Home Farm, Robert’s been asked to help out and he’s gone and asked Charity to get on board, too! Charity’s intrigued to find out why Robert has reached out to her – while Lawrence and Chrissie are furious about the new recruits!

Having been away with Andy, Chrissie has come back determined to tackle her problem head on. She’s going to make Lawrence do a DNA test so she can find out, once and for all, if he’s her biological dad, following his shock bombshell that he and her mum had an open marriage.

Having heard about David’s cancer, Jacob’s not coping. When Tracy finds him trying to book a flight back to Portugal she tries to double-bluff him into staying on in Emmerdale…

When Aaron refuses to give Liv any cash, she rifles through Chas’s things and is caught in the act!