Sandy returns to Emmerdale

Sandy is back in Emmerdale after Jasmine’s disappearance and gets it in the neck from both Betty and Ashley. Sandy is later confronted by Eli and the Dingles, who are furious when Sandy insists he has no idea where Jasmine has gone. Eli has to be held back from hitting Sandy. Later, Marlon and Eli agree that if they can’t find Jasmine they will have to break Debbie out of prison.

Lily is worried about Leyla hurting Rodney and she tells Rodney that Leyla isn’t treating their night out as a real date. Rodney reveals he’s aware that Leyla is using him to get back at David and he doesn’t mind in the slightest. Lily agrees not to let on to Leyla and she ribs Leyla about Rodney and Leyla is humiliated when David walks in on their conversation. Leyla and Rodney enjoy their date but agree to remain friends.

Mark has niggling doubts about Jimmy. After noticing some tension between him and Nicola he tries to tap Nicola for information. Nicola makes derogatory comments about Jimmy but provides nothing concrete for Mark to go on. Mark agrees to run an errand for Nicola and a miffed Natasha warns Nicola not to take advantage of her husband.

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