Sandy struggles with Ashley’s news

Ashley’s got dementia and has started looking into finding a care home for himself, for when he’s too ill to cope. He doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone, especially Laurel. But his father, Sandy, hasn’t taken the news well and has a funny turn while he’s in Bob’s cafe. Upset and unsteady on his feet, it’s decided Sandy should have a check-up at hospital, but he won’t let Ashley take him. He goes with Doug and they confide in each other about their worries for Laurel and Ashley.

Vanessa has agreed to move in with Adam and Victoria to have help with baby Johnny while she gets used to having him home from hospital. But she’s also re-done the DNA test and, when she gets the result, it’s clear that she can’t live with Adam – he’s not Johnny’s father.

It’s clear that Leyla can’t cope with filing her tax return and Nikhil, ever the gentleman and a bit of business wiz, offers her some help. But Leyla turns him down saying she’s not interested. Really?