Laurel and Ashley are proving to be quite hopeless at hanging on to family. Ashley lost Laurel, Sandy, Gabby and Arthur, then regained Gabby, but has now been forced to live with his ex, Bernice, to keep hold of her. Laurel left Ashley and had Gabby, Arthur and Sandy, but lost Gabby to Ashley and, more recently, to Bernice. Now Sandy tells Laurel and Ashley he wants to move into a retirement home. What?! He wept when that was suggested a year ago! Laurel’s heartbroken, but Sandy’s determined. He wants a place of his own.  

Brenda breaks Bob’s heart. She’s sure she has no future and she doesn’t want to ruin his future so she tells him it won’t work between them and dumps him. What?! Bob’s stunned. Is this what the menopause does to women? He doesn’t know that Brenda’s behaviour isn’t a result of crazy hormones, it’s because of her brain tumour.

Paddy’s in a panic because of his own incompetence. He promised Rhona he’d organise a birthday party for Vanessa and he’s failed. But Marlon knows what friends are for and comes to Paddy’s rescue. The surprise party is a wonderful surprise for Vanessa, but it’s too much of a good time for Rhona, who falls and hurts her back.