A desperate Julia lets Lily bring Sapphire into The Mill, but as Lily gets tied up with work, Sapphire soon gets bored. That afternoon, Lily fails to notice Sapphire’s many trips to the toilet and Sapphire tells Karen she feels unwell. Later, Sapphire is in the toilet again and in great pain. But when she blacks out after calling Lily’s name, no one comes.

When Simon raises the alarm, Lily comes running and is distraught to find Sapphire in such a terrible situation.

Concerned Michelle cautiously asks Ruth how things are with Smithy, and Ruth insists everything’s fine. Later, Ruth grows concerned by a call from Smithy and returns home, only to discover that Smithy has covered all of the furniture with clingfilm! Ruth asks if he is taking his medication, and he insists he is. Will she take his word for it?

Also, Heston and Lily are at loggerheads over the treatment of an old acquaintance who also happens to be an old flame of Lily’s.

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