Sarah and Jason say their farewells to Weatherfield as they head off to start their new life in Italy. When they arrive at the station, Sarah gloats in triumph about getting the ultimate revenge on David. Jason is left in shock at his wife’s deviousness and he insists they delay their plans as he needs to talk, but Sarah defiantly refuses to return to Weatherfield. Gail is shocked when Jason returns home without Sarah and Bethany and reveals that David was telling her the truth about Sarah all along.

Rosie is miserable as she is still in the doghouse with her family over her affair with John and Kevin’s arrest for hitting him. Rosie bumps into Fiz and she apologises for ruining her relationship with John. Fiz is furious with her gall and Kevin has to intervene when Fiz has a go at her. Kevin makes it clear to a miserable Rosie that he’s still not forgiven her, though.

Liz is nervous the day before her wedding to Vernon and Jim’s presence isn’t helping. There’s a spark between them when Jim talks about the happy times that they had together and he playfully smacks her bottom.

Also, Jerry has a second Christmas when Kayleigh and Finlay get back from their mum’s.