Sarah and Todd bury their past

David’s furious when Sarah puts on a brave face to spite him and lies that she’s delighted that Todd has turned up. Meanwhile, Jason is sad to see his brother leave, but he realises it will cause too much aggro with Sarah if he stays. Todd confronts Sarah and reminds her that it’s Jason’s wedding day too. The pair have a furious row but after getting everything out in the open they call a truce. Jason is delighted when Sarah tells him that she’s asked Todd to stay and be his best man. David watches on jealously.

Liam bumps into Maria and he’s stunned when she mentions that she left a message with Rosie. Liam sets Maria right about what happened and he angrily confronts Rosie for her scheming. Liam spells out that there is no way he will ever go out with her. Rosie is devastated and she decides to leave the factory and go back to school.

Fiz is increasingly irritated that Sally is monopolising so much of John’s time. John reassures Fiz that he’s not interested in Sally romantically and she is his soulmate and he’ll never wander.

Also, Kevin returns from Milan without Jerry, who was arrested for being drunk and disorderly!