Sarah tries to talk to Lydia about their relationship at the dance class but Lydia is uncomfortable discussing it in public. Sarah bribes Holly to make friends with Persephone so she can get closer to Lydia but her plan backfires and she ends up babysitting Holly and Persephone when Lydia goes along to band practice. Sarah brings the girls along as an excuse to watch Lydia, but Lydia is on to her.

Josh is embarrassed and Hayley is insulted when Rhys invites Lydia to audition at the band’s first rehearsal. Lydia murders her number and it’s clear that there is no contest. A desperate Rhys blurts out that they’ll never get anywhere having a disabled girl fronting the band. A furious Hayley tells Josh it’s her or Rhys and Rhys is stunned when Josh chooses Hayley.

Leila tries to tell Elliot that she fancies him but keeps bottling it. Leila misreads Elliot’s enthusiasm when he suggests she enter a DJ competition to raise some money and when he invites her back to Halls and nips out of the room she gets her kit off and climbs into his bed. Leila is humiliated when Elliot is gobsmacked, having gone to borrow Archie’s decks.

Also, Myra sees Mike in a new light.

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