Sarah comes to Archie’s rescue

Archie is allowed back in the bowls team and gears up for an international bowls friendly to win his England cap. Sarah feels guilty that it was her fault he got disqualified last time and cheers him on. Elliot realises Archie won’t get a game as the team are playing brilliantly and he and Sarah lock a player in the toilet to give Archie his chance. Archie wins his England cap and finally gets his girl!

Josh refuses to let Ste anywhere near Amy. Ste sees Josh in the pub with Lydia and is angry he’s left Amy alone. Ste is held back from punching Josh by Natty’s mate Daniel and he flees the pub. Ste sneaks round to see Amy and she’s happy for the company. Ste tells Amy that Josh is in the pub and she’s fuming. Ste comforts Amy and they kiss…

Lauren turns on the waterworks in front of Newt and Anita and blames Anita for causing her more trouble by telling Gov about the graffiti on her locker. Newt comforts Lauren and offers to walk her home. Lauren ‘finds’ a can of spray paint in Anita’s bag and accuses her of being the bully. Newt isn’t sure who to believe.

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