Sarah confesses to Todd?

It’s Bethany’s 16th birthday, but after yesterday’s scare and with Callum on her mind, Sarah’s spooked when Bethany receives a parcel from a secret admirer. Meanwhile, Todd tells Jason he’s sure that Sarah’s hiding something, but is baffled when she lets slip that she saw Callum’s dead body. Todd humours her and when he asks who killed him his eyes widen in shock as she whispers her reply in his ear.

Alastair loads the roof slates from No 3, but rather than pay Norris, he drives off, leaving Norris roofless! Phelan gloats but offers to retile his roof at mates’ rates. Mary forces Norris to swallow his pride and accept.

Sinead tries to explain herself to Chesney. When Yasmeen and Sharif announce they are going away for the weekend, Zeedan excitedly texts Rana inviting her round for the evening. When she arrives she kisses him passionately.